Programs And Assigned Subjects – 2021-2022

September 14   Competition Meeting        Assigned Subject – Nature


September 28     Program Meeting – ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY – BY DARRYL STANFORD


October 12       Competition Meeting          Assigned Subject – Abandoned Places/Things 


October 26      Program Meeting – PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY – Post Processing Techniques in Lightroom & Photoshop – BY KEVIN RABITO


November 9    Competition Meeting          Assigned Subject – Photojournalism


November  23      HOLIDAY


December 14   Competition Meeting      Assigned Subject – Sign Of The Times


December 28        HOLIDAY


January 11    Competition Meeting    Assigned Subject – Still Life

Out of The Hat Subject – Celebrations


January 25      Program Meeting – PHOTOSHOP (& ELEMENTS) BEGINNERS – Part One – BY HAZEL MEREDITH

This class will review the basic functions of the program and help you to get your images looking their best.  These techniques apply to all versions of Photoshop and Elements.  We will review the workflow of our image, beginning with Layers – the four types of layers, why they are important and what they do.  Then, we will work on projects to learn basic editing techniques – cropping, resizing, straightening; fixing color and lighting; fixing “problem” areas (zapping blemishes and dust bunny spots); converting an image to black and white or sepia monotone; using selections tools; and finally, sharpening and saving your photos.

February 8     Competition Meeting      Assigned Subject – For The Love of Books

Out of The Hat Subject – My Town


February 22    Program Meeting – CCC SPECIAL PROGRAM 

  • CCC members will submit images to be judged by CCC judges.
  • All images should be submitted as Color Open
  • One image should be unedited and submitted and entered as Class B
  • The same image that has been edited, by the member, should be submitted and entered as Class A
  • Images must meet the upload parameters
      • 1400 Width x 1050 Height
      • Max 1 MB size
      • Jpeg ONLY
  • CCC judges will provide constructive comments on the unedited and, if deemed necessary, the edited image to help the members and show them how to edit the image (cropping, vibrance, etc)
  • This will be an interactive meeting where members will ask questions and they and the judges will discuss the comments.

March 8         Competition Meeting   Assigned Subject – Metal

Out of The Hat Subject – TOYS


March 22       Program Meeting –   PHOTOSHOP INTERMEDIATE-Part 2 -BY HAZEL MEREDITH

This class is for those with basic knowledge of Photoshop & Elements.  We will begin by discussing layer masks – what a powerful tool they are and how they make your workflow easier.  Masking will allow us to add areas of color to a black and white image as well as apply other effects to only a part of our images.  I will demonstrate projects that use shapes, type, filters, and textures to jazz up your images.  I will also show you how to create your own word art and a travel poster of your favorite vacation spot.


April  12         Competition Meeting    Assigned Subject – Shadow

Out of The Hat Subject – BROKEN


April 26         Program Meeting – Open Club Discussion’s 


May  10         Competition Meeting   Assigned Subject – Painterly Quality

Out of The Hat Subject – Danger


May 24          Program Meeting – PHOTOSHOP ADVANCED – Part 3 – BY HAZEL MEREDITH

This class is for the intermediate to advanced Photoshop users.  I will demonstrate using multiple layers to apply various effects and filters to your images.  We will discuss layer blending modes, layer styles, filters, gradients, textures, actions and presets, and also review some plug-in programs such as the Nik Suite, Luminar and others.  I will also show you how to create your own watermark and turn your signature into a custom brush.


June 14                     YEAR END MEETING