Joining CCC

You are welcome to come to any of our meetings as a guest! Please be aware that only club members, who are current on their club dues may participate in the photo competitions.

Dues are $35 per person, payable in advance for the year or at the first meeting. The activity year begins with the initial meeting in September. Dues shall be reduced to one-half this amount for individuals joining the club after the January competition. Two individuals living in the same household pay a combined total of $60 per year. A family (1-2 adults and child(ren) or grandchild(ren) under 18) membership is $60 per year. Dues for full-time students (high school and college) is $10 until graduation. A minor child (under age 16) must be accompanied to any club activity by a parent or designated guardian over the age of eighteen. Drop-offs are not permitted.

Part of the fun of belonging to the Candlewood Camera Club is the competition meetings. While you are free to sit back and enjoy the terrific photography, club members who are current on their dues are also eligible to take part. Why join in on the competition? We believe that competitions help us all to become better photographers.

Assigned subjects are selected for each of the monthly competitions. These assigned subjects encourage each of us to break out of any ruts and get us out shooting subjects that we might not normally shoot. They can challenge both our photographic “eye” and the technical skills needed to achieve our vision. By submitting our photography to critique by impartial judges, it allows us to also take an objective look at our work along with the judges.

Club Meetings