Competition Information

All members who have paid their dues may enter club competitions.  The images must be uploaded and registered online no later than 11:59pm the Friday before the competition meeting night!  

Club members may enter up to a total of 6 images into competition every month – the number indicated in each of the following categories:

Digital Images Competition:

  1. Assigned Subject Digital Image Color or Black & White (1 Color or 1 B&W) – The assigned subject is determined in advance and can be found in the Club Information – Programs and Assigned Subjects section of this web site.
  2. Open Color Digital Image – The member may submit a photo of any subject they choose. (2 Images)
  3. Open Black & White Digital Image – (1 Image)
  4. Creative –  (1 image) Creative photography is a photo / image that must obviously have been taken by the photographer and display a change in natural color, form, shape, or any combination of these three. It is intentionally made more unique, thus making it creative. It may contain an extra element (or elements) that are used to improve the photo from its original state. Creative images are often montages (a blending or composite of multiple images). AI (Artificial Intelligence) images are NOT allowed.
  5. Nature – (1 Image each Month except in September where the Assigned Subject is Nature. This means that you can submit 2 Nature images in September.)                                                                                                                                                        NATURE DEFINITION:
      1. Nature images must convey the truth of the scene that was photographed. A well-informed person should be able to identify the subject of the image and be satisfied that it has been presented honestly and that no unethical practices have been used to control the subject or capture the image.
      2. Images that directly or indirectly show any human activity that threatens the life or welfare of a living organism are not allowed.
      3. The most important part of a Nature image is the nature story it tells. High technical standards are expected and the image must look natural.
      4. Objects created by humans, and evidence of human activity, are allowed in Nature images only when they are a necessary part of the Nature story.
      5. Photographs of human-created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domesticated animals, human-created hybrid animals and mounted or preserved zoological specimens are not allowed.
      6. Images taken with subjects under controlled conditions, such as zoos, are allowed.
      7. Controlling live subjects by chilling, anesthetic or any other method of restricting natural movement for the purpose of a photograph is not allowed.

  Note that before you upload the images, you should ensure the image:

   – Has a filename that meets the designated naming convention
   – In sRGB color space
   – Pixel dimension no greater than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall.
   – Quality setting file size less than 1 MB

Applicable to Competition

Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools where you use text (spoken or written) to describe new objects to add, insert or make part of your photos is not allowed.

  • You may enter makeups for Open categories (B&W, Color, Creative) ONLY. Makeups can be entered up to two months after the competition night.  The Makeup images in each category must be marked as a “makeup”.  This image does not count for monthly 1st or 2nd place. However, the points obtained count towards the end-of-year totals.

Assigned Subjects and Club Programs