Club Officers

Candlewood Camera Club Officers:


The following positions are important to the future of the club and require volunteers:

                                  Term Length: 2 years

President                                                       2023-2024

Vice President                                              2023-2024

Secretary                                                       2023-2024

Meet-ups and Events                                 2023-2024



The following individuals have volunteered for these positions:

Competition/Scorekeeping Candi Valeri 2023-2024
Committee to Judges Candi Valeri 2023-2024
Treasurer                           Gary Stanford 2023-2024
NECCC Assistant Micheline Williams 2023-2024
NECCC Chairperson Candi Valeri 2023-2024
Web Master Coleen Robinson 2023-2024
Web Assistant Diane Toth 2023-2024
Program Coordinator Diane Toth 2023-2024

Please advise if you would like to help with any of the above positions, learn what is done and volunteer in the future. The Club runs and is successful when members volunteer. Thank you.