In 1948, Hasselblad offered its first medium format camera, Edwin Land first marketed the Polaroid camera and the Candlewood Camera Club was established. Since that time, we have seen the invention of TTL metering (1964), the C-41 color process introduced (1973), the introduction (and later the failure of) the disk and APS film cameras, the first autofocus SLR system (the Minolta Maxxum in 1985), the release of Adobe Photoshop (1990) and the first digital SLR (the Kodak DCS0100, a modified Nikon F3 in 1991).

While the photographic world has changed dramatically since 1948, one thing has not; the members of the Candlewood Camera Club continue to gather on a regular basis to learn new skills, share the results of their photographic efforts and their love of photography. 

Through it all, we still love the magic of creating images and sharing them with our friends, families and the world via the Candlewood Camera Club. We continue to be excited and inspired as our images appear at our regular meetings and competitions. 

Please be our guest at any of our meetings. Regardless of your photographic skill level, you will learn, become a better photographer and make new friends along the way.

Club Officers

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