Welcome to the Candlewood Camera Club

Candlewood Camera Club has been active for 75 years having been founded in 1948 by a group of like-minded photographers.  The purpose then and now is in promoting photography through sharing of knowledge, field trips and good fellowship for all photographers.

All types of photography are welcome.  That includes camera – point and shoot to DSLR (digital Single lens reflex with interchangeable lenses) to cell phone (Apple, Droid, etc.).

All meetings are held virtually.  That is our program night and competitions meetings are held via Zoom.  These meetings consist of friendly competition of digital images and instructional programs. This year we are scheduling some in person program meetings. Information will be provided once this is finalized.

Of course, we will be scheduling in-person get togethers for field trips (Zoo, Kent Falls, Train Museum, etc.) and a dinner or two. This will be fun for all.


About Candlewood Camera Club