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Candlewood Camera Club Newsletter for May 31, 2021

What is Candlewood Camera Club doing during the pandemic? 

Hello members, visitors and friends.   

Like many others we have switched to an online virtual meeting format. So, until further notice, there will no longer be in person meetings or print competitions ( which have also been temporary cancelled by NECCC).

We will still have monthly digital competitions. These competitions will consist of Assigned Subject, Open Color and Black & White categories. Members will be permitted to submit 2 digital images per category for a maximum of 6 entries: 

  • Assigned Subject = 1 Color and 1 B&W
  • Open Color = 2
  • Black & White = 2 

The Club is looking to do the following this fall: 

  • Continue with Virtual meetings
    a. Competitions
    b. Programs
  • Plan and schedule outings and events where members can get together, following social distancing, wear face masks, and exercising other safe practices while taking photos of interesting and photogenic locations.
  • Examples may include The Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, etc.
  • Members can help us out by suggesting other photo and location ideas.

End of Year Competition

       June 8, 2021  7:30PM to 9 PM

As in prior years a special year-end competition shall be held in lieu of regular competition at the June competition. A single “Digital Image of the Year” award will be made in each of the following categories, based on points determined by a panel of judges. The competition categories are as follows:

      Nature Digital Image of the Year Award (1 Entry Only)

      Digital Color Image of the Year Award (1 Entry Only) 

      Digital Black & White Image of the Year Award (1 Entry Only)     

All images must have been submitted into competition during this year (September 2020 – May 2021).

All images must be uploaded by no later than 11PM on Saturday, June 5th

 Our Competition Chair, Neil Zobler, will be sending out login instructions before the meeting. This will be a fun opportunity where members can share ideas, experiences and chat with members of the Candlewood Photographer Community.  

We look forward to “seeing” you at the next meeting

  Ed Simmons