Competition Information

All members who have paid their dues may enter club competitions. The images, both print and digital, must be uploaded and registered online by Saturday night at 11:59 pm before the competition meeting night! This means that you MUST upload your image(s) in the appropriate category (digital or print).

Club members may enter up to a total of 6 images into competition every month – two in each of the following categories:

Digital Images Competition:

  1. Assigned Subject Digital Image Color or Black & White – The assigned subject is determined in advance and can be found in the Events section of this web site by clicking on the meeting date.
  2. Open Color Digital Image – The subject is “open,” meaning that the member may submit a photo of any subject that they wish.
  3. Open Black & White Digital Image

Note that before you upload the images, you should ensure the image:
– Has a filename that meets the designated naming convention
– Is saved in the sRGB color space
– Has a pixel dimension no greater than 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall.
– Is saved using a quality setting to keep the file size to less than 1 MB

Print Images Competition:


Until further notice, we will only be submitting six digital images.

Prints can be submitted after we start our physical meetings.

Applicable to Digital and (later, Print Image) Competition

  • When you register online there is a check box where you can indicate if you wish the judges to provide comments on your photo during competition. The judges provide helpful critiques, including what they like about the photo as well as suggestions on how the photo could potentially be improved. Fill in all of the requested information on the sign-in form.
  • During competition, each print thumbnail is displayed for the judges, one at a time. The names of the photographers are not announced, so that the judging may be impartial. Each of the three judges then provides a score that generally ranges from 6 through 10 with 10 being the best possible score. The sum total of the three judges’ scores is then entered as the score for the image. Competition is anonymous and photographers’ names are not disclosed.
  • After all of the images in a category have been scored, the first and second place prints for the competition are displayed and the members’ names for those images are announced. The winning member may be asked to comment briefly on the photo..
  • You may enter makeups for Open categories ONLY two months after the competition night. To enter images as makeups, you enter two images into each category (except Assigned Subject as no makeups are allowed in this category). One of the two images in each category must be marked on the sign-in sheet as a “makeup.” The image marked as “makeup” is not eligible to be a monthly 1st or 2nd place winner, but the points obtained from the judging do count towards the end-of-year awards.
  • The competition scores will be posted on the web site with the scores updated after each competition. Members will be able to see how their scores compare to the other club members and where they stand in the overall yearly point totals.

Assigned Subjects and Club Programs