Candlewood Camera Newsletter, 

June 1, 2020

Hello Candlewood Camera members and friends.  Last May 26 we held our second virtual monthly competition.  We had a total of 35 entries with judges logging in remotely.  Similar to last month, the judging was done and scored prior to the meeting and all entries were displayed in “live view” and comments by the judges were given. This is the 2nd time this format was used and it went very smoothly thanks to Neil who is our competition chair and assisted by Candi.    This medium also gives us the flexibility in using this platform for other events besides competitions.  As we go forward during these uncertain time periods, the use of this virtual competition format seems to be a winner.

Our end of year virtual meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 23 from 7 to 8:30 PM.  Based upon the results of the survey that was taken, members voted by over 75% to have something a bit different this year. 

  • Member Showcase. Each member can show up to 5 of their favorite images and share with the club their thoughts about them: why they like them, technical components, or whatever they would like us to know about the images. The images can be any ones you like, and DO NOT have to been submitted in a competition.
  • Club Critique. Makers can present up to 3 images to the club. Club members can provide their thoughts about the images; what they like, how to improve them, or whatever comes to mind. This can be done anonymously in case the maker does not wish to be identified, and just wants to listen. In fact, this might help us get members to start thinking like judges.

So, our next virtual club meeting will be on June 23, at 7PM.  We hope you will participate. Please submit your Showcase and Critique images the same way you have done in the past. Sign into CCC’s website and you will find these two new categories, with the same upload limitations (1400 pixels long, 1050 high, 1000 KB maximum). The Critique images will be anonymous.  You will be able to submit until Sunday, June 21 at midnight. A reminder: these can be images that have never been seen at the club before. This is an opportunity to go through your library to  create your “own categories,” or simply ask for constructive criticism.

Please let us hear from you – do you have questions? will you participate? would you rather do something else? Please let us know ASAP because June 23 will be here before you know it.

Officer Nominations

Also, let’s not forget that we have to elect officers for the 2020-2022 term.  We need nominees for the following offices:

President                                        Meet Ups and Events

Vice President                               NECCC Representative


Please refer to the CCC officers section on our website for further information regarding terms of offieers, etc.  If you are interested in serving, or wish to nominate  another member, please let us know.

 Please forward your responses to me at


Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon!

Gary Stanford