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    cover photo by Tom Peterson

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    "Lightroom" (library and develop modules)

    presented by Lisa and Tom Cuchara

    "Lightroom" (library and develop modules) 

    Purchased Lightroom and not using it? Don't want to subscribe to the cloud? Come and see just how easy Lightroom is to use. You can use Lightroom for full and effective editing abilities. Lightroom is easy, simple and fast. In literally seconds you can tweak a RAW image to improve its impact. Lightroom is really several programs all wrapped into one, so we will be concentration on the Library and Develop modules, otherwise this would be a three day workshop, not a three hour workshop. This workshop will get you up and going in Lightroom. We will show you how to use the Libary module, and how easy it is to make your images POP by "Developing" your "digital negatives" using the Develop Module. Learn how to make virtual copies of your photograph to make different edits on different versions (for example, you can easily create a black and white or sepia version of your photograph). Lightroom is very easy to use. What gets people is the change in the way Lightroom handles files. We will help you to create a catalog to understand the use the easy but rather obtuse "import" and "export" features to get your photographs into and out of Lightroom.

    BIO Lisa Cuchara, PhD, MNEC, is very passionate about photography, and she enjoys both being behind the lens and in the digital darkroom. She loves to photograph nature, but finds many subjects equally intriguing. From birds and flowers to babies and HDR, she appreciates the world around her and embraces the challenge of interpreting what her eyes see and her hearts feel via the camera lens. Lisa says that photography allows her to pay attention to the details, to be mindful, to slow down and appreciate all of the beauty, details and nuances of everyday life. Lisa and her husband Tom are both very active in many local, national, and international photography organizations. You may view some of their photographs here: Lisa and Tom have been photographing people professionally for over 15 years and have their own Photography Studio in Hamden CT. Their portrait philosophy is based on “We do not remember days, we remember Moments”. They have had many successful gallery exhibitions and their photographs have appeared in Adirondack Life, Wild Bird, Birder’s World, in calendars, and on the cover of paperback novel.  Lisa and Tom also teach photography a variety of camera and post-processing workshops, in the classroom and in the field (

    Visitors and guests are always welcome!  

    Note: The April  2015 competition scores are now posted.

    Our meetings are held in the Banquet Hall at Hatter's Park located at 7 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT. Drive on East Hayestown road to the Hatters Park Duckpin facility. The meeting room is attached on the right. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM, but members normally arrive around 7:00 pm to socialize. We hope to see you there soon!

    March 2015 Digital Competition Images

    • A_Royal_Scott_Warm_Day
    • N_YUM_YUM.jpg


    • O_rita_roujansky_ROLLS_ROYSE
    • A_Ken_Kurzweil_All_Smiles
    • N_Ken_Kurzweil_Am_I_Beautiful
    • O_Ken_Kurzweil_Chew_On_This
    • P_Tom-Peterson_The-Keeper's-Headed-Home
    • O_Tom-Peterson-And Evening is Nigh
    • N_Tom Peterson_Thistle-On-A-Pond
    • D_Tom Peterson_Taken While Hiding Under The Safari Truck
    • A_Tom-Peterson_Consistency
    • A_Doris-Peterson_Hiding-in-the-Forsythia
    • O_Gerard_Bianchi_Home_Of_The_Oracle_Of_Delphi
    • N_Gerard_Bianchi_Diamondback_Rattlesnake
    • P_Ken_Kurzweil_Strike_One
    • A_Carol_Gibson_Ariala
    • O_Carol_Gibson_Over_The_Falls
    • P_Carol_Gibson_CEO_Takes_ALS_Chalenge
    • A_Ken_Gibson_Who_Said_Smile
    • N_Ken_Gibson_Springing_Up
    • O_Ken_Gibson_Pick_A_Seat
    • P_Ken_Gibson_Want_ Some
    • A_Don_Ernst_Baby_you_can't_drive_my_car
    • N_Don_Ernst_Moonrise_over_the_valley_of_fire
    • O_Ed_Simmons_Fall_Colors
    • A_Ed Simmons_When _Can_We_Go_Inside
    • AR_Diane_Toth_Cathedral_Window_jpg
    • Alexa (2)
    • D_Don_Ernst_One_Horse_Open_Sleigh
    • N_Neil_Zobler_Heron-Voyeur
    • O_Neil_Zobler_Milky_Way_-from_the_Atacama_Desert
    • A_Neil_Zobler_Memorial_of_the_Victims_of_Communism_in_Prague
    • O_Don_Ernst_Into_the_sunset
    • N_Carol_Gibson_Proud_ Dandelion
    • N_Ed Simmons_In the Garden of the Gods

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