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    Proudly serving photographers of all levels for over 50 years.

    cover photo by Gerard Bianchi

    Next Meeting:

    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 7:30 PM

    This is a program meeting in which George Brooks will present "Developing the Narrative Story: From Concept to Presentation." Visitors and guests are always welcome!

    Note: The October competition scores are now posted.

    Our meetings are held in the Banquet Hall at Hatter's Park located at 7 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT. Drive on East Hayestown road to the Hatters Park Duckpin facility. The meeting room is attached on the right. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM, but members normally arrive around 7:00 pm to socialize. We hope to see you there soon!

    Only 3 more meetings until our Holiday Party!  This year's party will be held on Dec 16th at 6:30 pm. Come join us for appetizers, dinner, wine and non alcoholic drinks, desserts and most importantly to celebrate the holiday's with friends!  

    We ask that you bring an appetizer, dessert or drink and $5.00 per person to help cover the cost of dinner.  We also hold an auction type gift exchange that is a whole lot of fun! To join in please bring a small gift ($5 - $10 limit)

    Members and guests of members welcome.  We do need a count for food so it is important to sign up. 

    A link to a sign up sheet will be posted here shortly......check back soon!

    October 2014 Digital Competition Images

    • A_Anne_Eigen_Reflections
    • A_Candi_Valeri_Guilin Reflection
    • A_Cindy_Garnett_Fall_Reflection
    • A_Doris Peterson_Summer  Reflections
    • A_Ed_Simmons_Reflections_of_a_Store_Front
    • -- Gary J. Stanford

      -- Gary J. Stanford

    • A_John_Nagy_Reflections
    • A_Ken_Gibson_Smile
    • A_Ken_Kurzweil_Where_Am_I
    • N_Frank_Gardner_Bull_Moose
    • N_Ed_Simmons_Along_The_Poudre_River
    • N_Cindy_Garnett_Glorious_Sunrise
    • D_Tom Peterson_Rhode-Island-Lighthouse
    • A_Reflections-Of-The-Past
    • A_Micheline_Williams_Pagoda_Dreaming
    • N_Ken_Gibson_Twilight_Wonder
    • N_Tom Peterson_The-Drop
    • O_Anne_Eigen_Flowing-Hearts
    • O_Candi_Valeri_Flossing with a blade of rice
    • O_Cindy_Garnett_Pink_Rose
    • O_Doris Peterson_Three's A  Crowd
    • O_Ed_Simmons_Our_Lady_of_Mount_Carmel_Church_Bronx_NY
    • O_Frank_Gardner_Coyote_on_the_Run
    • O_Gerard_Bianchi_Untitled
    • P_Cindy_Garnett_Slide_Tackle
    • P_Candi_Valeri_Human_Sawmill
    • P_Anne_Eigen_Option_for_Getting_Around
    • P-RITA_ROUJANSKY_LOOK_edited-1 (2)
    • O_Tom Peterson_Gandalf
    • O_Micheline_Williams_Secure_Embrace
    • O_Ken_Kurzweil_It-'s_Screwy
    • O_Ken_Gibson_Aftermath
    • P_Gerard_Bianchi_Get_Off_Of_My_Back
    • P_Ken_Gibson_Get_Them_While_They're_Hot
    • P_Ken_Kurzweil_21st_Century_Sadhus
    • P_Micheline_Williams_Exhausted
    • P_Tom-Peterson_Transferring-Pollen

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