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Candlewood Camera Club

    Proudly serving photographers of all levels for over 50 years.

    cover photo by Alex Lau

    Next Meeting:

    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 7:30 pm. 

    NECCC Winter Print Competition.

    We will be showing and judging the submitted prints from member clubs. This is a wonderful opportunity to see what other clubs are doing and see what our submitted prints are competing against. I hope to see  you there.

    Visitors and guests are always welcome!  

    Note: The February 2015 competition scores are now posted.


    Newtown Library/Cyrenius H. Booth Newtown Library, 25 Main Street, Newtown, Ct.

    Please join us for a public reception Saturday, March 7th from 2 - 4pm (in the meeting room)

    A variety of subject matter will be displayed including Landscape, Nature, Photo Journalism, Digitally Altered, Street/Cityscapes and Portraits. Candlewood Camera Club photographers draw inspiration from their immediate environments, nature, travel - near and far, architecture, sports, zoos, botanical gardens, local attractions and from assigned subjects for competitions.

    Please share our invitation - Click here for a printable flyer

    Our meetings are held in the Banquet Hall at Hatter's Park located at 7 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT. Drive on East Hayestown road to the Hatters Park Duckpin facility. The meeting room is attached on the right. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM, but members normally arrive around 7:00 pm to socialize. We hope to see you there soon!

    February 2015 Digital Competition Images

    • A_Neil_Zobler_General_Jackson-and_Pontalba_Apartments-New_Orleans
    • O_Neil_Zobler_Midtown_NYC_Panorama
    • N_Neil_Zobler_Black-crowned-Night-Heron
    • D_RITA_ROUJANSKY (4)_edited-1
    • A_Tom-Peterson_Child's-Waterfall
    • P_Cindy_Garnett_Determination
    • P_Doris Peterson_Rum Samples
    • O_Doris-Peterson_Colorful-St -Thomas
    • N_Doris-Peterson_Caribbean-Beauty
    • A_Doris-Peterson_The-Pitons-St -Lucia
    • P_Tom-Peterson_Parenting-By-The-Book
    • O_Tom-Peterson_Rabbit-Shadow-Dancer
    • N_Tom-Peterson_Rain-Forest-Arete
    • D_Tom-Peterson_Ka-ril-ian-warship-flyby-during-a-lunar-eclipse
    • P_Cindy_Garnett_Determination
    • A_Ken_Kurzweil_Untitled
    • D_Ken_Kurzweil_Untitled
    • N_Ken_Kurzweil_Untitledt
    • O_Ken_Kurzweil_Morning_Glow
    • P_Ken_Kurzweil_Untitled
    • O_Gerard_Bianchi_The_Fly_on_the_Flower
    • CCC 02/2015

      CCC 02/2015

    • A_Alex_Lau_TWA_Terminal
    • N_Don_Ernst_Thin_Shelled_rock_crabs
    • O_Micheline_Williams_A_Church_In_Belgium
    • A_Micheline_Williams_Still_Leaning
    • O_Micheline_Williams_The_Guitar_Player
    • P_Micheline_Williams_Tired_Of_Waiting_For_Tourists
    • N_Micheline_Williams_Winter_Friends
    • P_Alex_Lau_Guarding_Fulton_Station
    • O_Alex_Lau_McMansion
    • A_Don_Ernst_Parliament
    • O_Don_Ernst_Autumn_Pasture
    • A_Carol_Gibson_New_Pond_Farm_West_Redding_CT
    • N_Carol_Gibson_Dried_Out_West
    • O_Carol_Gibson_38_Days_Til_Spring_But_Who's_Counting
    • P_Carol_Gibson_The_Many_Loves_of_Alex
    • A_Ken_Gibson_Diamond_Head
    • N_Ken_Gibson_Sand_Crab
    • O_Ken_Gibson_Love
    • O_Ed_Simmons_Long_and_Lonly_Road
    • N_Ed_Simmons_Fall_Reflections
    • A_Ed_Simmons_Supply_Stores_Fort_Laramie_Wyoming
    • D_Micheline_Williams_Reflection_At_The_Library
    • P_Ken_Gibson_9-11_Memorial

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