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    cover photo by Carol Gibson

    Next Meeting:

    On Tuesday March 24th, at our regularly scheduled program meeting, we have the pleasure of presenting our own Frank Gardner and Flagpole Camera Club member, Bob Berthier and their multi-media presentation "African Safari Adventure".

    Join Frank Gardner and Bob Berthier on their extraordinary African safari adventure to Kenya and Tanzania through an audio-visual presentation of African wildlife and the Masai culture. Experience the essence of their trip from the arid scrub of the Samburu to the vast plains of the Masai Mara and the Serengeti including a journey to the unique ecosystem of the Ngorongora crater. A combination of video and still photography will artistically portray the fight for survival and the renewal of life in one of the last and disappearing wilderness areas in the world. You will also have the privilege of critiquing Bob and Frank as they demonstrate their prowess in Masai dance.

    Visitors and guests are always welcome!  

    Note: The March 2015 competition scores are now posted.

    Our meetings are held in the Banquet Hall at Hatter's Park located at 7 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT. Drive on East Hayestown road to the Hatters Park Duckpin facility. The meeting room is attached on the right. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM, but members normally arrive around 7:00 pm to socialize. We hope to see you there soon!


    Newtown Library/Cyrenius H. Booth Newtown Library, 25 Main Street, Newtown, Ct. 

    Photos are on display for the month of March during library hours.

    A variety of subject matter will be displayed including Landscape, Nature, Photo Journalism, Digitally Altered, Street/Cityscapes and Portraits. Candlewood Camera Club photographers draw inspiration from their immediate environments, nature, travel - near and far, architecture, sports, zoos, botanical gardens, local attractions and from assigned subjects for competitions.

    Please share our invitation - Click here for a printable flyer

    March 2015 Digital Competition Images

    • D (2)

      D (2)

    • O_RITA_ROUJANSKY_edited-3 (2)
    • N_Ken_Kurzweil_Count_My_Eyes
    • P_Ken_Kurzweil_Today's_News
    • O_Ken_Kurzweil_Hanging_Out
    • A_Ken_Kurzweil_High_Noon
    • P_Cindy_Garnett_In_The_Hole
    • O_Tom-Peterson_Nubble-Light
    • P_Tom-Peterson_The-Craftsmen
    • N_Tom-Peterson_Animal-Trail
    • D_Tom-Peterson_Over-The-Top
    • A_Tom-Peterson_Ferris-Wheel-Over-The-Moon
    • A_Doris-Peterson_Acadia-Night-Sky
    • D_Ken_Kurzweil_Playing_The_Blues
    • A_Carol_Gibson_It_was_this_ big
    • N_Carol_Gibson_Dandy_Lion
    • O_Doris-Peterson_Sailing-in-Maine
    • O_Carol_Gibson_Cool_Tractor
    • P_Carol_Gibson_Outside_Fridge
    • A_Ken_Gibson_The_Setting_Sun
    • N_Ken_Gibson_Spring_Blooms
    • O_Ken_Gibson_The_Philipsburg_Manor_Mill
    • P_Ken_Gibson_Patriotic_Bubbles
    • N_Gerard_Bianchi_Shore_Bird
    • P_Micheline_Williams_Hunger_And_Poverty
    • A_Micheline_Williams_Soon_To_Be_A_Mother
    • O_Micheline_Williams_Time_Stood_Still_In_Cuba
    • O_Don_Ernst_Sunken_Treasure
    • N_Don_Ernst_Wonder_if_he_sees_the_gator
    • A_Don_Ernst_George_Washington_cave
    • A_Ed_Simmons_Cat_at_the_Window
    • P_Gerard_Bianchi_A_Really_Good_Deal_Just_For_You
    • O_Gerard_Bianchi_Blooming_Cosmos
    • N_Holding_On_In_A_Gust_Of_Wind
    • D_Micheline_Williams_Old_Cuba
    • D_Micheline_Williams_Rising_To_Heaven_M
    • N_Micheline_Williams_A_Very_Cold_Woodpecker_M
    • A_Alex_Lau_Relaxing
    • O_Alex_Lau_Best_Show_In_Town
    • N_Ed_Simmons_ Spring_is Coming
    • O_Ed_Simmons
    • O_Neil_Zobler_Muslim_Graffiti_in_Brooklyn
    • A_Neil_Zobler_Ibises_at_Sunset

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